Submission FAQ

Hi All!  We were getting a lot of good questions for our new submission policy, so we've decided to address the broader questions here:

Q: Do I send queries to ALL New Leaf Lit agents to the same email address?

A: Yes.  All e-queries are to be sent to Query (at) newleafliterary (dot) com.  But don't forget to put the word QUERY in the subject line, as well as the name of the agent you are querying.  Just like this: Query Suzie

Q: Can I re-query you with a revised version of the query/manuscript/both?

A: Yes!  Absolutely.  But if we've passed on the same project more than once, I would say that it's just not the right fit.

Q: Can we query more than one project?

A: You *can* do this, but the projects should be queried in separate emails.  I would also be wary of querying more than two projects to a particular agent too close together.

Q: Should we include pages of the work along with the query?

A: Yes!  We are now accepting up to five manuscript pages to be pasted directly in the body of the email--NO ATTACHMENTS.

Q: Can we query more than one agent?

A: Please do not query more than one agent within the New Leaf Literary & Media agency.  We are a team and share our projects with one another.  If we feel that something is better suited for the other, we do pass the project to that agent.

Q: Is anyone at New Leaf Literary currently closed to queries?

A: Yes, Joanna Volpe is closed to queries at this time.