Jul 28, 2010

Mash Ups

I'm a big fan of mash ups. In music, in video, online...has anyone seen some of these? Here is a GREAT mash up of Toy Story and The Dark Knight trailers and another one that's Pulp Fiction meets the Muppets (although it's not a traditional mash up) and two of my FAVORITES:

Mashups made there way into the literary world as well when Pride & Prejudice & Zombies hit
best seller lists. Now we've had Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Little Vampire Women, and Jane Slayer to name a few.

How do you feel as writers about literary mashups? Clever? Silly?
Marketing ploy? I myself think they're quite clever, and an interesting way to get today's generation reading the classics. And really, they're total commercial fun, right? But I can see why someone would argue otherwise.

My real question is...what's next?

While you ponder, I'll leave you with one of my favorite pop music mashups...enjoy!


middle grade ninja said...

Very fun stuff:) I'm always up for Dark Knight spoofs.

storyqueen said...

There was one on youtube a while ago....star wars + monthy python and the holy grail....funny stuff, I tell you.

In terms of literature, I gotta say I think they can be kind of funny.


The Toy Story one really creeped me out...I'll never look at Woody the same way again!

Hardygirl said...

HAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

And, I haven't read any literary mash-ups. Maybe I should add one to my pile . . .


Ab said...

Love this one for Toy Story 3 and Inception!


sraasch said...

The Toy Story and Pirates videos made my night a MILLION times better. Thank you :)

Robin Ruinsky said...

For my answer I refer you to my "Leprechaun" blog post at Pirate Writers of the Universe.