Aug 26, 2010

Back from the high seas (and 6 lbs heavier)

No joke. I ate SO much on my cruise that I gained 6 lbs. Joe gained 8 lbs. PeeWee lost a pound worrying over where we were (in all seriousness, he did lose a pound, which has us worried because that's 1/5th his body weight, so we've been stuffing his little doggie face all week). For those of you who haven't met PeeWee yet, check out his tiny self in my home office to the right.

Honestly, I thought I'd be upset. I mean, what woman WANTS to gain weight? Especially since I'm no stick figure to begin with. But ya know what? I don't care. The food was AMAZING. Filet Mignon AND lobster ravioli for dinner--why not? Would I like to start off with a pumpkin risotto and a guavaberry colada (my new favorite drink)--sure. Dessert too? Throw it on. I don't care. And why don't I care? Because I'm DUFF enough, and I won't let poor body image ruin my good time. (like my plug? hehe)

For those of you who haven't heard the good word on The DUFF yet, let me give you the skinny (er, whatever). It stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Despite the giggle that probably elicited from you (as it did me the first time I heard the term), it's actually pretty terrible. This is a term that is being USED to degrade girls everywhere. And I remember feeling that way BEFORE it had a imagine actually having a label? Eek.

So the talented teen, Kody Keplinger decided to take the term back in her debut YA novel, The DUFF, which (as I learned upon my return) is already in stores! (Although the official pub date is 9/7/10). I can't help myself...I've already bought two copies and given them away. Every girl, heck, every woman should read this if they've ever felt like the DUFF in their group of friends. And here's the thing...everyone usually has at one point, no matter WHAT you look like.

And here's a chance to win a copy on Kody's Blog in her Are You Duff Enough? head over there quick! The NCLit Blog will be doing their own double-giveaway of The DUFF and Lee Nichol's DECEPTION at the end of the month, so you'll have two chances to win.

Good Luck!


Linda Benson said...

Jo - so glad you're back! And yes, it pretty much goes with the territory that you gain weight on a cruise, because the food is scrumptious, and there's so much of it! Glad you were able to relax and enjoy.

Regarding The Duff, (oh, can hardly wait to read it) I am continually amazed that Kody had the moxie at age seventeen to write about such a difficult subject. Yay, Kody! And I can hardly wait to see what she has to say next. Yup.

magolla said...

Mmm, went on one cruise--the food was lushious and to cure all ills they serve Rum Punch with 151 floated on top. Ever try a 'Love Connection'? it's a layered daiquiri, strawberry, pina colada, and mango.

Amy Lukavics said...

Dude, that food sounds epic. EPIC.

The Duff, coincidentally, is also EPIC. As is the fact that it's in stores already. Woo Kody!

Hardygirl said...

Yay! You're back--and yes! I was surprised to see the fabulous DUFF on the shelves already.

Lobster ravioli and pumpkin risotto . . . yummmmmmm. I'd say the six pounds were definitely worth it!


Loretta Nyhan said...

Um...guavaberry colada? Lobster ravioli? Pumpkin risotto? I'd say those six pounds were totally worth it. And you know what? You're a New Yorker--a week of walking to the Strand and chasing taxis will work that weight right off.

And I'm going on a DUFF hunt. First stop? My local Borders...

middle grade ninja said...

I've had my copy of The Duff for weeks:) And I love it! Glad you had fun on the cruise.

madameduck said...

eh, 6 lbs...that's probably just water! :)

The DUFF sounds incredible. As the Duff in my group (most of my friends are either professional dancers or tall and swedish...) i think I need to get my hands on it!

storyqueen said...

Welcome back, Jo! (Okay, I'm just gonna tell you, the thought of pumpkin risotto makes me a wee bit nauseous.)

PeeWee is so cute! And I love your at home desk.

Yay for the DUFF!!!


Tracey J said...

I'll be spending my birthday money on The DUFF for sure. :)