Aug 3, 2010

NCL news to share!

First off, have you checked out Allan Woodrow's villainous blog yet? He's the author of the upcoming series The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless (HarperChildren's, Summer 2011) and in his latest post, him and the series illustrator--the utterly evil Aaron Blecha--are plotting some serious schemes.

In other news...Erica O'Rourke won the Golden Heart this weekend at RWA in the YA category--yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! We are STOKED like woah about this. Erica has written a fantastic urban fantasy series for teens and it is dark and hot and all things of awesomeness in between, let me tell you. But we can't tell you anything more about it...yet. Stay tuned for future announcement on this new series!

Read Erica's blog post about it and how she got hugged by a certain MAJORLY FAMOUS AUTHOR ::swoon::

And for those of you writers who HAVEN'T entered in Sara's contest from yesterday, what are you waiting for??


Linda Benson said...

Congrats to Erica. Big Yay!
And as for Allan, well, Zachary's evil plans must be stopped. Now.

Actually I'm dropping by to let you know the word STOKED is an old surfer term from the '60's. (I know these things.) But STOKED LIKE WOAH definitely belongs to NCL. Yup.

Joanna said...

hehehe--thanks, Linda! I use "stoked" and "man" allll the time. I was clearly born in the wrong decade :-\

Lynne Kelly Hoenig said...

Yay, that is great news, stoke-worthy for sure! Can't wait to read Unchosen!

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS! I should have known the amazing winner was one of your fabulous clients. Can't wait to read Unchosen!