Nov 17, 2010

Open to Questions & PiBoIdMo

We've always been fairly open with our blog readers (and tweep followers...and writers in general, I guess) here at Nancy Coffey Lit, and I'd like to take that openness one step further:

Coffey. Tea. And Literary. is open to questions! We'll be calling it our Ask PeeWee segment.

If you have a question about publishing/writing/revising/books-in-general, then ask away. We'll answer 1-2 questions per week on the blog, picked at random. Please be advised that your question will be posted on the blog, but your name will be omitted.

Email all questions to: Peewee (at) nancycoffeyliterary (dot) com

PeeWee is an excellent organizer and he promises to keep on top of this. With all of his work, he still had time to make his holiday outfit for this year--look:

(My sister tortures him)


And check it out! Shelley Moore Thomas' new GOOD KNIGHT book
cover!! If you don't know who the Storyqueen is, head on over to her blog. You won't be disappointed.

Those dragons are so cute, I want to pinch their scaly cheeks!

Speaking of picture books, are all the picture book authors and illustrators here participating in PiBoIdMo? That's Picture Book Idea Month for those of you not in the know yet.

We have 3 clients who volunteered to help inspire. Check out their posts:

Adam Watkins *Adam has also generously donated an original signed illustration to be won if you comment on the PiBoIdMo blog! Hurry--go comment. Could be a great holiday present!


Matthew Rush said...

Boy that's a cute dog!

And I love Shelley. That photo on her blog is so adorable.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I am partaking in PiBoIdMo. Actually reached 32 ideas yesterday. I'm going to write down as many ideas as I can especially since some ideas are better than others.

I love the cover! You're right, the dragons are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for opening the blog to questions...and thanks for the PiBoidMo mention. I am honored and thrilled to have Joanna, Sarah, Shelley and Adam participating!

Monica said...

Aw, Jo, PeeWee is absolutely darling!

I totally have to do that to my puppy now. Or ha, my fat cat--that may be funnier.

storyqueen said...

I don't know if the little dragons can compete with PeeWee.....I mean, pulling Santa's sleigh?

(I think PeeWee wins.....)


Slushpile Slut said...

OMG! Pee Wee is the cutest little reindeer I have ever seen. So frickin cute!!

Holly Bodger said...

Um yeah, if I did that to my cat, he'd rip out my eyeballs whilst I was asleep.

Julie Hedlund said...

PeeWee looks like an expert on the publishing biz! :-)

I'm participating in PiBoIdMo and have enjoyed Shelley, Sarah and Adam's posts. All of the inspiration surrounding PiBo has been a balm for all the bad news we've been hearing on picture books lately.