Nov 7, 2010


Hi guys!

So where have I been? Piled under some good reading, that's where. And that's okay with me.

The reason I had so much to catch up on is because I've been out and about. I was away two weekends ago at a delightful conference. Surrey International Writer's Conference (or Siwc for those in the know) Oct 21-24th, and I got to hang out with some very cool people like:

Ivan Coyote - a professional storyteller who (trust me) has many an awesome story to share.

Book reviewer and author Jeff Ayers, and author Robert Dugoni were nice enough to make a new girl feel at home.

Jack Whyte - a.k.a. the Voice of God

Writer's Digest editor Chuck Sambuchino - everyone knows his Guide to Literary Agents blog, right? RIGHT? He also has a hilarious (yet informative) book out now on HOW TO SURVIVE A GARDEN GNOME ATTACK...if you or someone you know has been a victim or is a potential victim, buy this book immediately. It could save a life.

Table #7 - You know who you are ;-)

Anne Perry - O_O *nuff said*

KC Dyer - not only does she help run the conference, but she writes, too!

I stuttered something incoherent and silly out to Diana Gabaldon when she asked me a question in the elevator.

(yes, even agents can get star struck)

And loads of other talented folks...too many to list here. So check out the Siwc site for the full list. It's going to make you want to sign up for next year's conference ASAP! As well you should.

Back to our regularly schedule programming...but first, check out Ivan in action:


Sandy Williams said...


Anne Gallagher said...

I second Julia Quinn. And I would stalk Chuck if I could get away with it.

Shari Green said...

I totally love SiWC! And Jack? I could just sit and listen to him read his grocery list.... ;)

Anonymous said...

When I first read this I thought you said Surly International Writer's Conference and I really wanted to go to it. :)