Nov 22, 2010

Ten-Year-Old Me is Very Happy

I have never, ever gotten over my love of horse books. I devoured every horse-related book I could find when I was little. And still do whenever I get a good rec.

Our very own Alison Hart writes horse books gorgeously.

Here she is, doing a signing at the Kentucky Book Fair!

We wanted to pass along a few fabulous reviews and giveaways so you have a chance to read too, if you haven't already!

First off, we have a trailer for Shadow Horse, a story about 13-year-old Jas Schuler, and the mysterious death of her favorite horse.

Shadow Horse, along with its sequel, Whirlwind, have both been reviewed here at Great Books for Horse Lovers. AND you can win a free copy of Whirlwind and another of Alison's amazing books, Gabriel's Horses, right here!

And if you're looking for a horse book for a younger reader, take a look at Taking the Reins, a choose your own adventure story spotted here at La Guardia airport.
If you need a personal recommendation in addition to all the awesomeness you've seen here, take my word for it: they're truly excellent reads, and perfect for the horse lover in your life.


Mike Koch said...

My daughter is reading and rereading taking the reins as I type you this. She absolutely loves it, so I'll definately be looking into the other titles you've suggested. Thanks..

Becca C. said...

Talk about nostalgia! I was hugely into horses when I was young - still am. Will definitely look into these!

Jennifer Pickrell said...

Alison's books rock! Shadow Horse and Whirlwind are on my TBR list because I finished up her book, Anna's Blizzard (there is a horse in it, but it's more about, you know, a blizzard), a few weeks ago and LOVED it.

Thanks for the links!

Monica said...

Even my 10 year old son loved these. Truly, he couldn't put them down. And that was after he swore that he "didn't like horse books."

Nicole Zoltack said...

I adored the Saddle Club books as a girl. Anything that dealt with horses = love