Dec 3, 2010

And more fantastic news!

So remember this post, where we shared the cover of RWR that featured our Golden Heart winner, Erica O'Rourke? Well. We are very happy to tell you that Erica's winning novel, TORN (originally titled Unchosen), will be published by Kensington as the lead title of their new YA line K Teen.

CONGRATULATIONS, Erica!! We're so, so pleased to finally be able to tell everyone.

Erica talks more about her book and her journey here at her blog.

And Publisher's Weekly talks about the book here.

Go check out Erica's very funny, very awesome blog, and send a congratulations her way!


Susan said...

YAYAYAY!!! I saw that in Publisher's Weekly and squealed.

Go Erica!

Lisa_Gibson said...

That totally rocks! Congrats Erica. :)
Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

Anonymous said...

Thanks, guys! I am absolutely over the moon!