Dec 16, 2010

Conversations of the Week: How the Brain Functions Immediately Before Holidays

Nancy: Wow, it's already dark outside.
Joanna: *staring at her computer screen* What is dark?
N: Well. Dark is when it gets all black outside and we make fires.
J: Wha--? OH. Dark. Nighttime. Got it.
N: I think it's time for a break.

*Two days later*

N: Why do you have ink all over you?
J: I needed to write a few things down, but I couldn't find any paper, so I just used my hand. And my arm.
S: Ha, I needed to write down a number earlier and only had paper. The only pen in my purse was a blacklight pen.
N: A what?
S: It's a pen that only shows up under blacklight. I used it for the number anyway, but now I can't find where I wrote it because I don't *have* a blacklight.
N: Yes. Time for break.


Beth said...

Me too.

Sarah said...

Man oh man can I relate. Being a dance teacher right before holiday break is torturous because then you have to not only deal with your own absentmindedness, but also try to retain some semblance of control over a classroom of hyperactive sugar addicts. Oh holidays, canst thou hasten?

BJas said...

Awesome. I can relate....and actually have a blacklight. Nice to know there are options, ha.

Kathleen Ortiz said...

Got it. Get Nancy a black light pen for April Fools.

*tips head back and cackles*

pegasus358 said...


-Beth M

Keith said...

These sound like lines from a Leslie Nielsen movie.