Jan 17, 2011

Check out these new blogs!

I received a lovely email last week from a library science student/avid reader who informed me that she had reviewed Karen Schwabach's THE STORM BEFORE ATLANTA on her blog.  Not only was it a wonderful and thoughtful review, but I so appreciated her making sure that we saw it! So in a small thanks, I'd like to introduce YOU, dear readers, to The Fourth Musketeer (love her blog name, too).

There are also two new NCLit client blogs to check out this week:

Leigh Bardugo's Last Leigh  and Sarah Frances Hardy's Picture This (a follow up of her previous blog, Plot This).

Any new blogs you'd like to share?


Darian Wilk said...

Well I'll get the ball rolling on this one. I met this lovely woman through Webook, became a fan of her work and a follower of her blog. She's funny, informative, an all-around good person. I nominate


PM Taylor said...

I am so flattered and appreciative of Darian's recommendation of my blog!

I'll continue sharing the blog love and pass along a blog I really enjoy - beautifully written on a diversity of topics, by David Macaulay - please stop by, check him out and enjoy -


Best regards -


Hardygirl said...

Thanks for the shout.

I'm heading over to check out the musketeer!


Jill said...

Meredith Writes is a new blog that I'm really enjoying. She's smart, plus she's a whatchareadingnow? friend and contributor, so props to her! :)

Jill (www.whatchareadingnow.com)