Jun 28, 2011


Today is Pub Day for the fabulous Erica O'Rourke. Erica's debut novel, TORN, is out on the shelves!

So. Here are a few things you can do:
1. Go tell Erica CONGRATS.

2. Buy the book from Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes and Noble, or Borders.

3. When you've finished reading the book, go to Kathleen's blog, and tell her which team you're on. I'm over there doing battle in the comments section.

Everyone has secrets.

Even best friends.

Swirling black descends like ravens, large enough to block the glow of the streetlights. A dull roar starts like a train on the 'L,' a far-away rumbling that grows louder as it pulls closer, until it's directly overhead and you feel it in your chest, except this doesn't pass you by. Verity, white-faced and eyes blazing, shouts through the din, "Run, Mo!"

Mo Fitzgerald knows about secrets. But when she witnesses her best friend's murder, she discovers Verity was hiding things she never could have guessed. To find the answers she needs and the vengeance she craves, Mo--quiet, ordinary, unmagical Mo--will have to enter a world of raw magic and shifting alliances. And she'll have to choose between two very different, equally dangerous guys--protective, duty-bound Colin and brahs, mysterious Luc. One wants to save her, one wants to claim her. Which would you choose?

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