Jun 6, 2011

Hallo and Some Blogs

*waves to blog followers*
Hello! I'm the new addition here at NCLA :) I won't go into my history, because if you follow me on Twitter or my blog, you'll know where I'm from, what I do and the awesomeness that happens here in the office.

See? Awesomeness ------------------------------------>

(ok...so I don't have any updated pictures of awesomeness...clearly this will have to be fixed asap)

Anyway, just wanted to point you to a few blog posts regarding the recent WSJ article on YA books in general. There are hundreds of posts online, but there are two in particular by NCLA clients you should definitely read if you haven't already.




Kaleen said...

I love the dinosaur. LOL!

K. Turley (Clutzattack) said...

Of all the responses I've read for this, Veronica's is theone that resonated with me most.

However, I will say that the dinosaur picture is in the top ten on my list.