Aug 15, 2011

In the Editorial Cave....

Hello Lovely Readers,

August is a busy month of work, work, work on client manuscripts to submit to editors post-Labor Day, and to catch up on submissions. So. If we seem quiet here at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media, it is because we're in the Editorial Cave.

Just behind that rock with the lichens is the entrance to our editing space. Nancy's is off to the right.  The front of the cave is covered by dense foliage and bracken. You'll never find it. But don't worry, we have plenty of water, KOrtizzle and Skenall brought snacks enough for weeks, and there's decent wi fi.

The Editorial Cave is not to be confused with this cave:

Unfortunately.  Because it would be really cool to wander a cave with a wizard, thirteen dwarfs, and a hobbit.

In the mean time, if you aren't attending WriteOnCon, which is a brilliant and professional FREE online conference for writers, what else are you doing??  Because you should be there. Srsly.


Susan said...

Uh-oh. Your cave sounds almost as scary as the Revisions Swamp I frequently have to fight and toil through.

I presume one of my own manuscripts is in this cave with you. Give it hell, ladies. Give it hell. ;)

Sarah said...

I second Susan. Nice to the see the place where my manuscript currently resides. I hope you ladies are comfortable in there. Can I get you anything? More red pens? More bracken, perhaps?

storyqueen said...

Somehow, I always picture you in an editing cottage...kind of like Hagrid's hut or something like that.

This looks far more ominous.



alyssa said...

I like your blog :)

unikorna said...

Charming charming words and glimpses of magic..:)

m. christine weber said...

You know, I’m wildly tempted to point out that if one wanted a “breather” from said editing, one might string up some retro twinkle lights in there and have a rockin’ party pad. Maybe add a disco ball or three? Just sayin’.

Good luck with the reading, editing, and breathing, ladies. ;-)

Merrie Destefano said...

I totally understand the editorial cave! For me, it's been very nice to discover the sun still shines and the sky is blue (having just temporarily exited said cave). Sending you good thoughts and fairy wings for your journey!