Nov 2, 2011


Hi All,

So we have had the unfortunate experience this week of dealing with Gmail claiming that we are spammers - UGH.  At the moment, both our query(at)nancycoffeyliterary(dot)com address, and Suzie Townsend's email address are down.  They are receiving emails, but we are unable to send anything out.

Hopefully we'll have an update soon!


Lyla said...

Oh man, I never knew that was even possible (gmail preventing someone from sending out emails, that is)! Well, thank you for the update and for working so hard to respond to all those queries. :)

LupLun said...

Suggestion: Get a free account with a different service (Like Yahoo, for instance), and use it for all replies until you get things sorted out.

Shooting for the Moon

Colin Smith said...

Does this have something to do with receiving nearly 700 emails in the space of an hour? :) I'm anxious to receive a critique of my query, but that's small potatoes compared to the impact this could have on your business.

I hope Gmail gets its act together for you soon!

Holly Dodson said...

Same thing happened to me this week! I emailed Google and got it fixed pretty quickly. Hope you get it sorted out soon. :)

M.K Outland said...

Ah. That's why there wasn't an auto-response then. Right? I sent twice without receiving one. Hope it's cleared soon. At least this allowed me to build more upon my query. :D

Omg, is it 7AM over there? Good morning lol.

LynnRush said...

Oh man. Technology can be frustrating some times. :( Hope it works out for you very soon and you're not too bogged down catching up. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Has this issue been corrected now?