Aug 22, 2012

Don't Miss This!

Anderson's Bookshop Aug 30 Event
5 Good Reasons to Read YA
Veronica Roth, Erica O'rourke, Dan Krokos, Susan Dennard, Leigh Bardugo

Hello Readers!  We have a fantastic opportunity for you to be one of the first to read *Exclusive* SECRET CONTENT by each of these 5 awesome authors!  We have 240 booklets of *Exclusive* SECRET CONTENT that we want to give out to YOU.  Here's how to get it:

1. Purchase 2 or more books by the authors participating in this event through Anderson's Bookshop.  Here is a link to more information to the event: Click Here! (scroll down to Thursday, August 30)

2. If you are ordering online and do not plan on attending the event, you can still receive one of the 240 booklets. All you have to do while processing your order through the Anderson's Bookshop website is include this message in the Comments section of your Order Check Out: "5 Good Reasons to Read YA – August 30 Event, I'd like my books signed!"

And that's it!

**Remember, you must order these books through Anderson's Bookshop where the event is being held, otherwise your purchase won't qualify.

**There are only 240 booklets, and they will be provided ONLY to the first 240 purchases of 2 or more books from the event.  If you purchase only one book, you won't receive a booklet, but you will still get a signed copy from an awesome author!

Now…what is this *Exclusive* SECRET CONTENT you might ask?  Well, it's a secret!  But we can give you a few hints. The booklet includes:

- an alternate beginning scene
- the first printing of original poster + a must-read folktale
- an important scene from an alternate point-of-view
- the first 5 pages of the next book in a thrilling series
- 2 secret scenes from a trilogy

Can you guess which ones belong to which authors???

Be one of the first 240 people to order 2 books from this event to find out!

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