Sep 17, 2010

Like Fridays Needed a Reason to be More Awesome

Jo and I had a conversation earlier this week (or maybe last week? I don't know. Earlier today I told someone it was October, so I am no longer responsible for dates. Regardless...) about putting in some regular blog features. Book reviews, giveaways...we have lots of fun stuff planned. One of the ideas we're most excited about is called Conversation of the Week. There are hilarious/intelligent/interesting people here in Suite 500, and we get to have hilarious/intelligent/interesting conversations with them. Because we're freakishly lucky. And we want to share those!

Then, of course, we spent the entire week with our noses against our computer screens, generally interacting with no one. I was thinking Conversation of the Week would have to wait till next week, when one of us had actually managed to *have* a conversation.

And then yesterday happened.

It was not so much a conversation as it was a disaster. But still.

Joanna: Yay! Time to go home!
Tornado: Totes going to hit Queens and Brooklyn. Maybe grab some Chinese food on the way back out.
J: ...Wait, what?
J: Are you kidding me, T? How am I supposed to get home??
Brand New Intern Rick: How am *I* supposed to get home? All the trains out have been cancelled.
J: Uhhh.
BNIR: If this was Blood Diamond, I would be the guy screaming, "You've gotta get me out of here!" and you would be Leonardo DiCaprio.
J: ...Yes. Yes, I would.
T: I am going to stop for ten seconds. Nine. Eight.
BNIR: Wait, where am *I* going? All my trains are cancelled!
J: My guest room?
BNIR: Oh! Yeah, okay. Thanks.

No. Seriously. That happened.

P.S. And the winner of BAMBOO PEOPLE (you lucky thing, you) is KO. Congrats! Email us at NCLitBlog (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address, and we'll send it your way.


Emilia Plater said...

LOL. This is awesome. How kind of that Tornado to let BNIR seek shelter! :D

Em-Musing said...

Sounds like something wicked that way went.

Chersti Nieveen said...

This was hilarious! Thanks for sharing, because I definitely got a chuckle.

Veronica Roth said...

I support this weekly feature.

I also support Jo + BNIR escaping to safety.

Jenn Chushcoff said...

Hilarious. Glad everyone was OK.

Monica said...

Hahahaha, funny! Love this, and I think this weekly feature will be a hoot.

Dude, though, I looked at some post-tornado pics and OMG, that was crazy!

Renee Silvana said...

I lived in Queens for my entire life. I moved two months ago, and after 25 years of no tornado in Queens, I miss the tornado! Totally upset about that.