Sep 17, 2010

NCL announcements--yay!

I love news. Especially when it's fun, exciting, bookselling news to share! And to start this week I've got a coupe tidbits like that to share.

In case you missed it, Sandy William's debut urban fantasy series was announced on PM. FISSURED is about a professional college student and a shadow-reader for the fae, who is forced to choose sides -- and between the men she loves -- in a fae war.
Sandy's query is also featured in this month's Writer's Digest because,'s that good.

Also announced last week was Nancy Viau's debut picture book, IT'S NOT EASY to Abrams!

Nancy is the author of the contemporary middle grade,
SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD. If you haven't read this and you're looking for the perfect sisters/mom relationship story (it's heartwarming and funny) pick it NOW.

Nancy is also one of the co-founders of Kidlit Authors Club, a group designed for authors in the PA, MD, NJ area to work together to market their books.

Okay--off to work. Happy Monday everyone!!


Joseph L. Selby said...

Can you tell us where to find Sandy's query once we get to the Writer's Digest page? The link does not take us directly to it.

Thank you.

Matthew Rush said...

Cool news. Thanks Joanna!

Sandy Williams said...

One of these days, I'll get tired of reading the PM announcement. Maybe. ;-)

@Joseph: I don't think the query is up on the site yet. I think they might only post articles after the new magazine issue comes out?

Joseph L. Selby said...

Oooohh, thanks Sandy. I thought that was saying it was featured on the WD website. I dug all over and couldn't find it. :)