Oct 15, 2010

Conversation of the Week #3

Today was just...one of THOSE days. You know the kind. The kind of day where you wake up and as soon as you open your eyes, a speck of dust that feels more like razorblades lands right on your eye ball then you sit up fast and blink furiously, only to jostle your husband out of a dead sleep and he elbows you in the ribs, then you go "For cryin' out loud!" and fling off the covers, still tugging on your lashes and looking up down all around, swing your feet onto the floor and onto the dog, who yelps loud enough to make you feel like an animal abuser. Yeah. That kind of day.


But! There were good times in Suite 500 today. When I called to check in around 4:30 this afternoon, this is what I heard:

Sara: Hello, Joanna's office?

Joanna: Hey, Sara...what. A. Day. Ugh. When I talked to--

Voices on the other end: En garde! [clang! clang!]

S: [giggles]

J: Um...is that...?

S: Yeah, @Kortizzle stopped by, someone brought in a couple foils. Right now @Kortizzle is facing off with @byobrooks. I think @mer_barnes and @rachelkory are up next.

Nancy (in background): Watch the plant, guys.

J: .....

S: So what did you need?

J: I don't remember.

I guess it was that kind of day for all of Suite 500. But instead of sulking like a baby (like moi), they decided to have a little fun. Thanks for the reminder to suck it up and make my own good time, guys!


madameduck said...

Too funny!

And a reminder that everyone needs some time or another. :)

storyqueen said...

I recommend lightsaber battles when a pick me up is needed.

Sorry your day sucked. May you weekend be way better. And your Tuesday morning awesome!


E.J. Wesley said...

Ha! You know, office disputes were once regularly settled by duels and such. So really, you're just recognizing a time honored tradition.

E.J. Wesley said...

@ Storyqueen: We look like we took photos from opposite sides of the same mirror! Well, minus the hat and beard on my part. :)