Oct 13, 2010

Laugh, Cry, Debate

Today I'm posting our very first LAUGH, CRY, DEBATE post.

What is that? you may ask.

Well, it's my way of paying it forward to others on the intrawebzzz, linking you to other blogs and websites that will (hopefully) make you do one of those three things (or all three if you decide to go to each). Because let's face it...when I'm having a bad day, sometimes I just NEED something to make me laugh. And every once in awhile, a good cry feels SO good. Of course, when your brain just won't wake up, a good Debate can do the trick. But I won't just go posting about it--I'll let you choose.


What are you in the mood for?

Do you even know how many times I just checked those links to make sure I didn't mix them up??


middle grade ninja said...

I was in the mood for all 3! Thanks for the great links.

Jennifer Foushee said...

Joanna - These are great! Wonderful idea for your blog. And the teacher blog is just heart-wrenching. What an amazing story! Thanks for pointing us to these posts.


Jennifer said...

I love, love, LOVE the Oatmeal...when I'm in a sad mood, I go there and it makes me laugh without fail.

And it's 11:30pm here on the east coast, but I really want to call every teacher I know now and tell them I'm coming over to hug them. That will probably go over well.

Thanks for the links :)