Oct 10, 2010

October is the month to be SPOOKED!

Does everyone know the talented Amy Lukavics yet? Well if you don't, scamper on over to her blog: hello, moon. Go on. I'll wait.

See? Isn't she awesomely talented?

Well another talent Amy corners the market on (in my book) is her talent for writing How-To articles for eHow.com. And one of her recent articles is perfect to share for Halloween Month.

I feel like everyone goes through some type of spiritual/magical/one-with-the-other-realm phase, right? Or was that just me? If you haven't yet, isn't October the perfect month to start?

And if you're looking for good spooky reads to share with your kids this month, check out Whatcha Reading Now? In fact, you should check out this site regardless because they've got author interviews, book reviews, talks about YA and middle grade and picture books--they cover everything! In this month's Scare Your Pants Off issue, they've got some creepy titles to share....


Did I scare you?


Well, I'll get you...when you least expect it!


Meagan Spooner said...

There's a magic shop in this town I often visit, and I absolutely love it. When I go in, it's like I've traveled back in time to my own spiritual/magic/one-with-the-other-realm phase. Soo much fun.

Great share! And such a cute giveaway on her blog... I'll have to keep an eye on it for the future!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

There is a two year old YA urban fantasy, THE BLUE GIRL, by the poet/author Charles de Lint. It details the scary side of faeries, invisible (but all too real) childhood playmates, and the friendship between two lonely girls one introvert, the other extrovert.

A truly absorbing, sometimes scary read, Roland

Amy Lukavics said...

EEE! Jo I heart you major. The love spell article was so amazingly fun to write, and I have to admit doing the research took me a little longer than usual because of the cool stuff I got to read.

Happy October, everybody!!!