Nov 10, 2010

Conversation of the Week #4

It was 4:47 and I had hit that moment when I thought "I absolutely need to get up and walk into some else's office to sit down just to be OUT of mine." So I did this and proceeded to walk across the suite to Janet Reid's office. J wasn't in.

Me: (plops into J's chair and flops head and arms onto desk) Don't mind me, I just needed to, ya know, move.

Meredith Barnes of Fencing Fame: I was totally just about to do the same thing.

Brooks-the-brilliant-intern: How would you describe Care Bears meets Jaws?

Me: I would imagine Shark Bear, and when he'd hold out his stomach a big shark would pop out and eat you.

Mer: I love that there was no hesitation in that answer.

Brooks: What would be your tag line?

Me: Care Bear Scare!

(and yes, I acted this out)


lexcade said...

that's all kinds of awesome.

Hardygirl said...

Care Bear meets Jaws? Totally gonna be my PiBoIdMo idea #10 ...


Em-Musing said...

Hmm? Bloody fuzz he was?

Matthew Rush said...

Hmm, what a fun place to work!

Susan said...

Care Bear Scare -- awesome. You're mind works well in the Shark's chair, I see.

Meagan Spooner said...

CARE BARE SCARE. <3 this forever.

Donna Hole said...

That works: Care Bear Scare (LOL)

Sitting in someone else's chair is apparantly good for your creativity :)