Jan 25, 2011

DIVERGENT Contest Results!

This was veeeery interesting, guys. Joanna and I were awed by the amount of time and consideration you all put into answering, And with all comments tallied, here are the results:

Kindess came in first with 9 votes.

Intelligence and Honesty were tied with 6 votes each.

Bravery got 4 votes.

Selflessness got 3 votes.

Interesting. Very, very interesting. Though you're going to have to read DIVERGENT to find out why we're so...intrigued by these answers. *grin* I wonder if anyone's vote will change after reading.

And the randomly selected winner of the DIVERGENT arc is:


Congrats, Emy! Email us your contact info, and we'll send the book your way.

Thanks so much for all the thought-provoking comments, you guys. We really enjoyed reading them. You're awesome.


Emy Shin said...

Oh! Thank you so much for drawing me -- it really made my day!

Your comment made me feel very anticipatory about how the book will change my mind (I voted Intelligence).

Sarah said...

Congrats, Emy!

Matthew Rush said...

Crap. I get the feeling I missed something. Oh well ...

Congrats to Emy!

Stef Kramer said...

Hurray for kindness!

Laura Pauling said...

Congrats, Emi! Soooo jealous!

Kristi Helvig said...

Yay for kindness, and congrats to Emy!