Feb 2, 2011

The Pie Post

New York has gotten so much snow and ice that walking on the sidewalk today was only possible with ice skates. Which I actually saw someone doing. Uh, I was too stunned to think to take a picture of this, but I DID take a picture of some plants outside my apartment.

It's like they've been fossilized.

So, okay, the storm Chicago had yesterday might make us look like wusses, but still. We're cold. And between winter, getting over the flu, and liking delicious things, this seems like a good time to talk about pie. We've carefully selected the recipes that made us go, "What is this, and why haven't we already made it and then ate it?"

Without further adu, a compilation of pies:

Pie in a Jar

Yeah. This exists. And the recipe for it is here! Brought to you from the fabulous folks at Our Best Bites.

Pie Pops:

In the words of Bakerella, "Hi, I'm the cutest thing on earth...now eat me." Go visit Bakerella and the pie pops here!

Pie I Invented This One Time:

One chilly day in Northern California, my best friend and I baked an apple pie. We went on some vague instructions from the guy who sold us apples at the farmer's market. On his advice, we used three kinds of apples. We skinned them, diced them, threw them in a mixture of flour, sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and put it all in a pre-made crust.

But before we put this all in the crust, I had the best idea I've ever had in my life. I buttered the inside of the crust and pressed brown sugar into it. Do. This. Do it.

Here I am cackling over my own genius:

And there you have it. Pie.

Sometimes taking a brief break from writing is the best thing you can do for your writing. Go have something delicious.


Sarah Goldberg said...

Sara, I am so proud to share your name.

E.J. Wesley said...


Joseph L. Selby said...

This may be the greatest blog post ever made...

Hardygirl said...

Okay, so I must make your apple pie. Anything with extra butter pressed into it sounds divine.


Em-Musing said...

Ah, you've found Julia Child's secret, "With enough butter,anything is good." Cute post. Love the pie on a stick.

Huntress said...

Oh, Wonderful...like I need another reason to eat.

excuse me while I head off to the kitchen.

Oh, BTW, you are from the devil, right?

Kristin Lynn Thetford said...

Love this post!!!

I am going to have to try the butter and brown sugar thing. YUM!

*off to make some pie*

Karen Akins said...

I have found a new reason to live. And it is Pie Pops.

Loretta Nyhan said...

Butter should have its own little block on the food pyramid. Love it! I'm going to try your recipe as soon as I can dig out of the snow to get to the store.

And you have the best maniacal laugh ever!